OMG… Review of New Lipstick!

SIKE YA MIND! Okay, so this blog isn’t entirely about lipstick, despite the awesome shades of red lippies in the background… or makeup for that matter. There are too many out there and I don’t have money to waste on buying numerous shades of lipsticks, palettes, foundations, the likes when I can barely attend school and provide for myself on a daily basis. No blasts to those who are able to, more power to you and I totally enjoy reading them.

Enough of the kiss-ass-ness, Happy Sunday everyone! I am sitting here in scholastic hell attempting to finish out the semester with that “A” bang. December 6th will be the last day for this semester and my last fall semester of my master’s program. I graduate in 5 months, according to the lovely counter thingie to the right, and I cannot be happier. I’ve experienced so many trials and tribulations involving relationships with my peers, completing homework assignments truthfully, and going to school on time. I use to be very punctual, but with age comes forgetfulness and I simply forget to leave early enough to arrive to school at my usual 5 minutes till. But speaking of arriving to school five minutes till, let me tell you all about the HORRIFIC traffic day last week that caused me to be an hour and 45 minutes late.

I left to go to school at 8:20a.m. I live about 20-35 minutes away depending on traffic. Well, the lovely and not so attractive constructions workers working on the busiest interstate in the city decides to shut down one lane so the cops can pull over a harmless SUV with tinted windows and rims. No racial profiling, I repeat, no racial profiling. Anyway, I walk (I mean drive) onto the interstate ramp to see that traffic is backed up more than my bathroom sink… I was a little shocked. I told myself things will subside and I remained patient. I didn’t play any music, although I should have, so I began to get restless. A lot of the cars were passing onto the grassy knolls in between coming and going. I sat there patiently optimistic that this will go away… I went 6 miles in 30 minutes… and then another 6 miles in 30 minutes until I decided to get off the interstate and take the back roads. I was happy that I would make it class a little bit earlier than I usually arrive (about 9:30a.m.) until I realized that traffic on the back roads were just as bad. My plan bombed and I wanted to scream… I patiently waited again, now furious because I’ve passed my usual late arrival time and I wanted to go home. Long story short, I arrived at 10:30 almost 2 hours past the time I left. (well , excuse my horrible calculations, I didn’t count the walk to my class or the screaming in the hallway). 

Can you believe that? We got out of class like 10 minutes after this and I just SMH… I was just like blah, and I had a presentation to do next period. The only good thing about that was that we had a party and I got to eat. I’m fat… and aint afraid to show it…show it…show it. The life of a last year master’s student… 


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